Best baby milestone cards by heart and home designs

The Best Baby Announcement Photos Ever!

So you’ve just had the best news ever—you’re a mom! Now it’s time to share your joy with everyone in your life. What better way to do that than with some amazing DIY baby birth announcement photos? Whether you’re looking for monthly milestone cards, monthly milestone discs, wooden discs with bonus birth stat disc, or photo props, this blog post has you covered!

Monthly Milestone Cards
This is an easy and fun way to document your baby's progress over the first year of their life. You can set up a creative backdrop for each month and use cute props like blocks and stuffed animals to show how much your little one has grown. For example, if your baby is six months old, you could put a number 6 block in front of them or dress them up in a onesie that says “Six Months Old!" Get creative and have fun with it!

Wooden Monthly Milestone Discs
These are perfect for capturing those special moments throughout the first year of your baby's life. Each month, take a picture of your baby with a disc that indicates his age (ex. “1 Month Old"). These can be used as part of photo collages or placed on a wall or shelf as part of an ongoing display. They also make great gifts for new parents!

Wooden Discs With Bonus Birth Stat Disc
This set includes 12 monthly discs and one bonus disc that features all the important stats from your baby's birth – weight, length, date & time of birth – all on one disc. This is perfect for keeping track of all the milestones as well as creating beautiful keepsake pieces for yourself or for gifts for friends & family.
Photo Props Last but not least are photo props! There are so many adorable things out there to add some extra flair to your baby announcement photos – bows & headbands, tassel garlands & banners, bubblegum balloons…the possibilities are endless. Get creative and have some fun with it – you’ll be sure to capture some truly memorable shots!

 Sharing the news about your new bundle of joy doesn't have to be boring or traditional–you can get creative with DIY baby announcement photos! With everything from monthly milestone cards and discs to wooden discs with bonus birth stat discs and lots of fun photo props available online these days, there are plenty of options out there so you can create something unique and special that will commemorate this special time in both yours and your baby's lives forever. So go ahead—get creative and capture those precious memories today!

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